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Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, UNLV
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Lied Library, UNLV University Libraries
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Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, UNLV


2018 - 2023

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major: Computer Science BS

Minor: Mathematical Sciences MIN

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)


An Area of Concentration in Information Assurance

Received a certification in An Area of Concentration in Information Assurance from UNLV, which has been designated the NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense since 2019.


Year >1,000,000 Calendar

• Developed Python code to calculate calendar years using the Doomsday Algorithm with a single threading library.

• Optimized the code for enhanced performance and reduced compile time.

Classification using Machine Learning

• Utilized K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) in Python to implement supervised learning for the classification of diabetes.

• Predicted X_test data, accuracy score, confusion matrix, precision, recall, and F1 score for effective diabetic/non-diabetic classification.

• Applied the model to real-world data for practical diabetic classification.

Login/Create an Account System

• Developed a responsive website independently, utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python's Flask engine.

• Ensured top-notch security by employing AES encryption for user credentials (passwords) and hash encryption for email-based OTP account verification.

• Safely stored user data in SQL files, prioritizing data security.

Personal Website

• Developed a responsive website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for seamless cross-device experience.

• Utilized AWS services, including Amplify for simplified development and deployment.

• Implemented AWS Lambda for precise date and time retrieval from form submissions and stored responses in DynamoDB using variables.

• Leveraged AWS DynamoDB, a fully managed NoSQL database, for storing user-submitted data from the contact form.

• Enabled seamless communication between frontend and backend using AWS API Gateway with RestAPI.

• Ensured secure access to AWS resources through fine-grained IAM controls and MFA, maintaining resource integrity and confidentiality.

A 3D Traffic Simulation for Las Vegas

• Developed a 3D traffic simulation system in Python using the Ursina Engine.

• Designed a user interface for simulation control, vehicle and traffic light management.

• Implemented TrafficSystem module to read and validate data from XML files, creating schedules for virtual traffic.

• Created Moving Vehicle component to simulate accurate vehicle behavior.

• Developed Traffic Light Simulation component for realistic traffic light effects.

• Conducted extensive unit tests for simulation and vehicle calculations.

• Ensured cross-platform compatibility (Windows 11, MacOS Ventura).

• Utilized GitHub for version control and collaboration.

Mole Classification using K-Nearest-Neighbors Algorithm

• Technique: Utilizing Supervised Learning Techniques

• Problem: Classify images of moles as benign or malignant using the K-Nearest-Neighbors algorithm.

• Data: 1.52 GB dataset with 1,000 images of moles, along with corresponding descriptions.

• Data Preprocessing: Adjusted contrast, brightness, and cropped images to remove rulers and enhance accuracy.

• Method Implemented: K-Nearest-Neighbors (KNN) algorithm for binary classification.

• Experiment Design: Conducted classification experiments using KNN on the 1,000 mole images.


United States Senate (Non-Profit Organization)

• Non-Profit Organization: Nevada for Warren

• Collaborated with Assemblywoman Cecelia González in community engagement and political advocacy.

• Developed interpersonal and communication skills through engaging with diverse community members.

• Assisted in organizing campaign events, including rallies, town hall meetings, and fundraising activities.

• Conducted outreach efforts to increase voter awareness and registration.

• Contributed to policy research and analysis.

• Engaged in grassroots activities like canvassing, phone banking, and volunteer recruitment.
















AWS Amplify

AWS DynamoDB

AWS API Gateway

AWS Lambda



DoS Attack

Google Sheets API